The following are a few interesting statistics: The fastest growing dating segment of the population are over 50 years old. According to statistic there are about 54 million single people seeking a relationship in the U.S.- 47% are men and 53% are women. 40 million have tried online dating. Other online statistics reveal 1 in 6 marriages started from online dating sites. (That's about 18%.) There are about 1500 online dating sites in the United States and growing. According to research on USA among singles 21-39, 56% of men and 62% of women want to marry.
Unlike getting a driving license there are no comprehensive guidebooks for some of life's most important endeavors. Finding a friend, date or maybe the right person to spend the rest of your life with is one of those. My intent in compiling this book was to help in that endeavor and create a comprehensive guide.
Being newly divorced for 2 years and spending hundreds of hours alone and often panicked about what was to become of my life inspired me to take on this task.
I hope there is information in this book that will be of benefit to you.