The Secret To Online Dating Success!

by Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D.

Internet dating is the rage and although it may make your neck hairs bristle, more and more women are looking for love online. Here are some great, tried and true tips for online dating success:

1) Create a great profile. Let yourself, be a little alluring with words like “passionate and fun-loving” but don't be too blatant or crass. I advise women to not use 'sexy' as it may give the wrong idea. Get help when writing your profile from someone you trust and who knows you well.

2) In your profile, be honest about what you want. If you don't want a struggling musician, than request a “financially stable man”, if you don't want a confirmed bachelor, refer to yourself as 'marriage-minded', etc.

3) Keep things 'light'. Men love women who have a happy attitude towards life. Put some humor in the profile be upbeat when you first start emailing or meet for coffee. The main complaint I hear from men is that women get all 'serious and heavy' too quickly and the men get turned off.

4) Learn to weed out quickly. If the guy loves to camp every weekend and you hate it-don't think that you can change your personality to fit his. You will only end up resenting him and yourself for settling for less that what you want. (continued)

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