How To Improve Your Dating Success

by Randy Hurlburt

The following article was recently featured in the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) newsletter. Tara Kachaturoff is the
interviewer; she is the editor of the RCI newsletter.

How to Improve Your Dating Success

Tara Kachaturoff: Drawing from your experience with coaching singles, why are some singles successful with dating while others are not? Is it mindset, relating skills, experience, or something else?

Randy Hurlburt: It is a combination of things. Here are some critical ones:Successful singles put themselves "out there." This means being in places where they are likely to meet quality singles, and taking risks to make and maintain contact. Dating is a numbers game, and you have to sort through a lot of possibilities.

Successful singles know what they are looking for. This is more than having a laundry list of wants. It means knowing what is MOST important to YOU, even though it may not be important to someone else, and then screening possibilities according to these priorities. (continued)

The rest of the aticle can be found in The Ultimate Guide to Dating & Relationship Advice.

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