Men and, "The Hunt" Explained

by Dr. Dennis W. Neder

I get lots of letters about all sorts of dating, sex and relationship problems every day. It's interesting that they so often fall into clearly defined categories.

One of the most common comes from women that follow various prescribed paths only to find that they prevent or destroy their relationships. The majority of these paths seem to come from what I call, mass-think. More specifically, these are ideas that; while totally incorrect, continue to be shared as, fact" mostly among women. They are actually, anything BUT fact, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Just this morning I received a response from a woman whose question I answered yesterday. She chided me for being, wrong" since she had read lots of other's advice that said just the opposite‚" Interestingly, it was that very advice that got her into trouble in the first place!

By following this mass-think, she was going down the exact same failed path that so many other women follow, yet as often as I hear about how ineffective these beliefs are, so many continue to promote them and so few want to believe differently ‚ and correctly. (continued)

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