Happiness - The Key To Being Captivating

by Shay Allie

Why it is so key for us not to place too many criteria on when we're going to let this happiness start.

The fundamental thing to remember is that being happy is a conscious choice in every moment that we have. How happy we feel is attached to the meaning and formula that we place on happiness. So the ONLY thing that stopping you from being happy right now is YOU. For example, if you think you're only going to be happy when you earn $1million then guess what? You'll only be happy if you earn $1m. By contrast, if you are happy just because you're alive today guess what? You'll find it much easier to feel happy. I loved Tony Robbins' example of going to visit a community in Fiji. They were just happy because they could BE. They didn't pay any attention to societies expectations that we have placed on ourselves out here in the, western" world. (continued)

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