Does True Love Really Exist?

by Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We all want to be loved. However for many achieving happiness within a healthy relationship has escaped us. Many of us have spent most of our lives in relationships that were co-dependent and needy, but did involve huge life lessons and karma. Knowing that each relationship we experience brings us further along our path of evolution and should not be considered a mistake. Sometimes we wonder what on earth we were thinking when we married an individual or asked them to move in with us. If we were able to be a Monday morning quarterback and see where the relationship would end up, we could have side-stepped all that pain and suffering. But would we have gotten the lesson?


Through pain and suffering we learn more about the depth of our soul and our own individual issues. We also uncover our courage, intestinal fortitude and patience. All is not lost. Knowing we learned something more about ourselves and grew as a result is only part of the lesson. Learning what we want in a life partner is a skill that is honed through time, experience and sometimes excruciating pain. In this process of ending a relationship we also learn what we don't want to experience again. Through pain, we grow. We find our true selves in the process. Applaud your courage to move forward and seek better for yourself. There is always a silver lining in the ending of a relationship. Rather than looking at how much time we wasted with a person, think of this time as an investment into your life education. I call it "The Fire Walk of Life." (continued)

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