Could This Be Why You're Single?

by Kara Oh

I was talking to a 37 year old man today‚ I'll call him Jake ‚ about his recent experiences with women. He related a conversation he had on the phone with a woman he hadn't even met yet. She told him she had 63 things on her list that she was looking for in a man. She'd recently met one who had 61 items on her list but it didn't work out. Yikes! Then, she sent Jake an email that said she was feeling fat.

THEY HAVEN'T EVEN MET YET!!! Is this woman crazy?

He said all the women he's met have been bossy and controlling. They're angry, bitter, and not even 40 yet. He's generally dated women under 30. He said women in their 20‚ are still able and interested in learning and improving themselves. He thought he wanted to start looking for a woman who is older, has a career, and more mature. But now he's starting to re-think that idea. I know this man, he's a great guy, kind, loving, generous, fun, handsome, charismatic, and patient. But he's smart enough to know when a woman is going to be high maintenance, who enjoys beating him up.

When I first met Chris, my ex-fiance, and still good friend, he marveled that I didn't beat him up and wasn't angry and bitter, as he said most women over 40 seemed to be. He just couldn't get over it.

Ladies, if you're reading this, can you see yourself in this young man's description of today's, confident, capable, take-no-prisoners modern woman? There's a reason why you're single. It's not that there are no good men left. It's that the good ones don't want to go out with an angry woman.

My calling in life is to teach women how to get back to enjoying being a woman and being with a man. What's going on today is scary. It makes me sad that so many women and men are wanting to be in a relationship, but they don't have a clue why it's not working for them. (continued)

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